Receipt Formatting Issues

Long Credit Card Receipts

If credit card receipts are printing with a lot of extra paper at the end and you are using the Generic/Text Only driver you will need to install the Bixolon Generic Text Driver. This is a variant on the standard Generic Text driver. See Changing Receipt Printer Drivers for instructions on switching to the Bixolon Driver.

Paper Feeds but Nothing Prints

If the receipt printer is feeding the proper amount of paper but no text appears on the receipt the likely explanation depends on the type of receipt printer you have. If you have an impact printer that uses a ribbon you may need to replace the ribbon. If you have a thermal printer (most new receipt printers are thermal) you may not be using thermal paper. Make sure you've purchased the right paper for your printer.

Also, if you are using an Epson printer, you can use the Print Head Test to check printer function.

Receipts Text Looks Wrong/Receipt Formatting Issues

Determine what brand and model receipt printer you are working with and then follow the appropriate steps below.

If the text on the receipt looks entirely wrong then it is likely the wrong driver is installed - most often one of the manufacturer's drivers is being used rather than the correct Generic/Text Only drivers. If the text is just cut off by two characters on the right hand side of the receipt the paper type changes are likely the solution. Refer to Receipt Printer Setup for details on installing the correct driver and making the paper type changes.

Additionally make sure one of the 40-column receipt options is selected under Edit>Customize>Invoices Receipts. The 80 column options will not work for receipt printers and the Enhanced 40-Column receipt template will not work with text only drivers.

Quotations and the Enhanced 40-Column Receipt

If quotations are not printing properly when using the Enhanced 40-column receipt make sure the Pending Printer under File>Print Setup is pointed to the receipt printer.



Epson Print Head Test

This test determines if the print head on the Epson TM88 series of printers is functioning properly. If the printer is feeding paper but not printing anything, printing lightly or only printing part of a receipt this is a useful test. It helps you determine if the printing issue has something to do with the setup of the printer or if there is something physically wrong with the printer. Print head test steps:

  1. Turn the printer off.
  2. Hold down feed button and turn printer back on.
  3. Wait for paper to feed and then release the feed button.
  4. When you see a blinking error light, press the feed button again.
  5. The test will print.

If the printing problem is duplicated in the print head test you know there is something wrong with the printer and you will need to contact Epson to have them either repair or replace the printer. You can find information for authorized Epson service providers here - Epson Service Site.