Credit Card Errors

Below are some common credit card related errors and what they indicate.



  1. Declined Messages

  2. Invalid Card Number

  3. No Response from Processing Software


Declined Messages

Whenever you see a declined message, an example appears below, the important thing to remember is the POS software is repeating verbatim what the processing software has sent back as a reason for the decline. With the exception of 'Invalid User,' declined messages do not indicate a problem with the setup in the POS software. They in fact indicate the POS software has been configured properly because it is getting legitimate responses back from the processing software. If you are seeing a declined message you will often want to contact your Merchant Service Provider and ask them exactly why the transaction is being declined.




Invalid Card Number

This message indicates one of two things. First, it can indicate the card reader has gotten a bad read. You may simply need to try the card again or there could be a problem with the magnetic stripe on the card. If other cards will work just fine you have a pretty good indicator the problem is with the card itself. Second, it can indicate your card reader is improperly programmed. If no cards will work you will want to check your card reader settings - refer to Card Readers for more information.



No Response from Processing Software

This error indicates the processing software, PCCharge or CardSRVR, is not active. The solution is to go to the computer that has the processing software installed and re-launch the processing software. There should be an icon for either PCCharge or CardSRVR on the desktop.


Processing Software is Active

If you are seeing this message and you know the processing software is in fact active follow the steps below.

  1. Check the request directory under Edit>Customize>Bankcard processing to make sure it is correct.
  2. Close the processing software entirely and then re-launch the processing software.
  3. Restart the computer the processing software is installed on.
  4. CardSRVR Only - Reinstall CardSRVR. See CardSRVR Setup for instructions. If you are running version 5.2 of LiquorPOS or Merchant POS follow the CardSRVR Update Install instructions.

Processing Times Out but Card is Still Charged

This can happen if the processing software takes longer to process a transaction than LiquorPOS is set to wait, it can happen if LiquorPOS is unable to pick up that response or it can happen if the processing software processes a transaction but fails to send a response back to LiquorPOS.

The three possibilities are indistinguishable from eachother. You should go through the fixes for the first two possibilities if you are experiencing this problem. Only try the options for the third possibility if the problem persists as they are more complex and may involve the purchase of an upgrade to PCCharge.

  1. Insufficient Wait Time - You can account for the possibility that LiquorPOS is not waiting long enough by increasing the time LiquorPOS will wait for a response. This is done under Edit>Customize>BankCard Processing. The setting is on the Options tab and should be set to 90 seconds or greater as shown below.


  1. LiquorPOS Can't Pick Up Response - For both PCCharge and CardSRVR sharing and network permissions on the request directories should be verified. Refer to PCCharge Setup and CardSRVR Setup for sharing instructions. Security software can also block the file exchange that happens during a credit card transaction. Both LiquorPOS and the credit card processing software should be added as exceptions in any installed security/antivirus packages.

  2. Processing Software Not Sending a Response - Only do this if the first two fixes have not resolved the issue. - This type of problem is extremely rare with CardSRVR but is usually resolved by a reinstall. There is no need to remove CardSRVR before reinstalling. Just close CardSRVR and run through the instructions in CardSRVR Setup.

This problem is more common with PCCharge and does seem to be linked to particular versions of PCCharge. Reinstalling PCCharge is also a viable option here, you will need your original PCCharge install CD, but you may need to upgrade to PCCharge v5.9 or higher. Versions prior to 5.9 have exhibited this problem with increasing frequency. You will need to contact PCCharge support for both the reinstall and the upgrade options. Depending on how old your current copy of PCCharge is Verifone may charge you for any upgrades.

Duplicate Transactions - Problems like this typically result in duplicate credit card transactions because it doesn't appear to the person running the sale that it has in fact been processed so they attempt the transaction a second time. Refer to Duplicate Credit Card Transactions for instructions on correcting duplicates.